Lez Graham Retrieving Roll


From the popular Lez Graham by Gencon Range, this best-selling Retrieving Roll is a great addition to any dog’s training. Designed to effectively teach your dog to fetch items and reliably bring them back to you, it takes up a core role in any puppy’s education.

Enhance ‘fetch’ training and instil good habits in your canine pal with this great training aid – conceptualised and designed in collaboration with master gundog trainer Lez Graham.

Here at Camtali's, we use these wonderful rolls to play hide and seek with our girls, Cali, Amber and Taya - especially good mental stimulation and if the weather is too bad to go out, then we hide them around the house with treats inside and they have to find them... great scent work and stimulation for them too!

The Best Way to Teach Your Dog to Fetch

The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll is a wonderful training tool that introduces canvas at a young age. Shortlisted as a 'New Gundog Product' at The Shooting Industry Awards, it’s perfect for remedial training in dogs who need improvement in their ‘fetch’ skill.

As the puppy matures and goes onto larger and more unusual dummies, the Retrieving Roll can act as a transitional aid to give your dog confidence as it moves into more ‘grown up’ training by simply wrapping the Retrieving Roll around the new item.

How to Use the Retrieving Roll

As a remedial aid, the Retrieving Roll should be part of every trainer’s kit. Tucked away in the Roll is a little pouch where you can hide a treat; the reluctant retrievers learn quickly that the only way they can get the treat is to return the Retrieving Roll to you. As the dog gets more proficient in returning the dummy, delivery to hand can be insisted upon for the treat to be revealed.


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