We've chosen to partner with ESSENTIAL FOODS to bring you the best complete dog food we could find, and what we now give our girls, Cali, Amber & Taya (who love all the varieties).

ESSENTIAL'S mission is "to make a difference and help dogs get a healthier and better life through its eating habits. We don't produce dog food; we produce meals. Meals packed with nutrition which keep a stable blood sugar level and which only contain ingredients that benefit and strengthen your best friend's health. Nutrition is essential for the dog's overall wellbeing."

If ESSENTIAL don't live up to your expectations, you'll get a full refund. Please contact us if you have any questions about ESSENTIAL FOODS or their amazing Meals, Pâtés, Treats and Accessories.

What is Behavioural Optimizing Foods (BOF)?

A significant part of the idea behind the ESSENTIALS meals, is to keep your dog's blood sugar stable. In the same way that it applies to people, it applies to dogs (even more so) in that when the blood sugar is running low or high, significant fluctuations both mentally and physically takes place. All of our meals are composed in order to avoid these fluctuations; creating a new standard of foods for your dog. The principle we have developed is BOF (Behavioural Optimising Foods) and has been extremely well received.

Behavioural Optimizing Food (BOF)

BOF - A sensation within pet foods

Behavioural Optimizing Foods (BOF) is the principle honouring the many advantages of keeping the blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. At ESSENTIAL FOODS we have achieved just that with our life-changing and award winning foods.

BOF ensures the stability of your dog’s sugar levels. Our high fresh meat content and the low preparation temperature means your dog gets exceptional nutritional values vs. mass-branded pet foods.

The results with BOF are breathtaking. Serving ESSENTIALS positively will affect the mental balance of your dog. Some report seeing a dramatic transformation in the behaviour, others note a smaller change, however improvement is always recorded.

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