Our Story

Inspired by our three girls, Cali, Amber and Taya, we started the bakery to provide them with high quality handmade dog treats containing natural ingredients with nothing artificial added. They love the home-baked taste and our treats are tested by all the family to ensure they are pawsitively tail-waggingly delicious for them and their doggy friends!

Our biscuits are vegan but don't worry, we're not trying to turn dogs into vegans, but believe that along with a healthy balanced diet full of yummy meaty and fishy protein, a few extra veggies and plant-based proteins may be a good thing; this may give them similar nutritional benefits as it does for us. We're also aware that some dogs have difficulty with animal protein so this way we're not leaving anyone out!

Meet the Girls

Our chief taste testers, they're often hanging outside the bakery door and love their food, walks, toys, playtime and sleep - typical dogs!

Amber's our cockapoo 'princess', loves cuddles when she's in the mood, can be a fussy eater and the most independent of the three. Adores her walks and chasing birds/bunnies/deer if she gets a chance, even though she should know better at her age! Boss of the other two, one of her favourite things to do is to bury herself under a blanket, whether that's in her bed or over the back of the sofa - she'll find a way under or behind it!

Taya's a cheeky, outgoing cockapoo who loves people and dogs and just wants to be everyone's friend. She's never understood the 'four paws' rule and loves to jump up at everyone she meets! Very loyal and affectionate, though sometimes too soft with Cali and lets her get her own way more than we think she should. A big foodie and loves toys... for which she has loads!

Cali, well a typical adorable crazy spaniel, always has a bone (or toy) in her mouth, loves water (she'll walk through every puddle she can) but she's shy and a bit nervous, so doesn't like people or dogs approaching her if caught off guard. Lives up to her KC name 'Loveable' but we think 'Loveable Monkey' would have been more apt! Absolutely adores snuffle mats and interactive games where she can do scent work.

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